WT.Social – The Answer?

Source: WT.Social homepage

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, has taken it upon himself to create what has been pegged as a ‘Facebook rival’.

WT Social is a social networking website that has taken an oath not to sell the data of its users – a sight for sore eyes in a world where internet users have to opt out of data-gathering mechanisms every other site they click on for just a second. Instead of surviving off data-selling and intrusive advertisements, WT Social aims to thrive based off of donations from its customerbase, which is notably how Wikipedia has been maintained throughout the years and managed to keep itself ad-free. Due to the success of Wikipedia operating in this way, it stands to reason that Jimmy Wales could spread that success story into WT Social.

While it could be difficult for the fledgeling website to attract a crowd already immersed in other social networks, it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility- as new social networks take the world by storm overnight at a regular frequency. With over 160,000 members already, hopefully it will be a success.

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